5 minute morning meditation – gamified edition

Meditation for those with No Chill I always scoffed at the word “meditation” growing up. I was the wild child who ran barefoot through fields, rode her bicycle too fast downhill, and exclusively chose dare during truth or dare. Meditation seemed boring and quite frankly “soft”. But then my life flipped itself onto its back […]

steps to success: morning routine

9 steps for the perfect morning routine How you start the day matters. It sets everything into motion and dictates the flow of the day. If you’re looking to maximize your potential for a good and productive day then we’ve got some tips for you. These are the essentials for a good morning routine. How […]

morning yoga – stretch: spine, hamstrings

5 minute morning yoga routine This is a 5 minute morning yoga stretch routine meant to help you ease into your day. It targets the hips and spine and is incredibly easy. For best results, these stretches should be done consistently, on a daily basis.  Seated Toe Touch This move is super simple and you probably […]